honorable mention: "multilinKz"

team leader: Sinisa BODROZIC (HR)
associates: Ivan RALIS (HR), Nenad RAVNIC (HR)

In its very simplicity the project is convincing and charming. The relation of the towers with the “cake” is interesting: whereas, on a first glimpse, the disconnection between towers and green roof is weak and problematic, it seems to be well conceived if you look closer. The narrow bridges smartly reflect the conflict between public and private occupation. The suggested weak connection guarantees a certain distance from the occupation by the private dwellers thus creating a protected public roof that is sufficiently detached from the housing. The quality of the rooftop is not designed in detail but suggests a park like meadow with pavilions containing amenities. In general the night image with the glowing band around the island is much more convincing than the boredom of the green during daytime. This also reflects an ambiguous aspect: it is exciting for cars to drive around but the inside is quite “primitive”.

The towers are exposed to the noise – it follows that only in the lower floors and on the 2 most upper levels (atriums) housing is possible.

(Excerpt jury report)


E9 Austria - Winners
Exhibition E9 winning projects | Opening, April 16, 2008
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