runner up: "drive-in-city"

team leader: Thorsten KUWATSCH (DE)
associates: Christian EBINGER (DE), Adrian FÖLLMI (CH)
collaborator: Carsten STEINACKER (DE)

The band-like structure allows a highly adaptive development. Concerning the quality and precision of the cuts of the bands this “carpaccio” does not offer good cuts as it lacks differentiation and tension. It follows, that the differentiation of functions is not guaranteed – in spite of the multilayered setting, noise-protected zones / layers are still missing except for the atriums on the lower level. The southern front as the most visible entrance-front is not conceived but just a cut-off of the given bands. The photographs of the very well laid out glass model are beautiful but misleading at the same time: being implemented the character would be much more massive.

There are several convincing aspects to be mentioned: The existing tower is reinterpreted as a sequence of elements dealing with the surrounding flows at the entrance of the inner city area. The before mentioned “carpaccio” is in fact not so bad as it suggests big “rails” of development reminding poetically of the linear notion of trains. Along with this goes the intelligent concept of phasing suggesting a highly open structure, being more elegant than radical.

(Excerpt jury report)


E9 Austria - Winners
Exhibition E9 winning projects | Opening, April 16, 2008
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