first prize: "polyvalent identities"

team leader: Martin FRÜHWIRTH (AT)
associate: Sonja FRÜHWIRTH (AT)

The project demonstrates a convincing densification strategy by suggesting floating blocks within an open landscape. It “displaces” the format of the “Gruenderzeit-Block” of Graz, suggesting a permeable frame with a suspended ground floor area that only contains public programs and access structures. The jury points out that this permeability has to be preserved in case of implementation otherwise the project would loose its decisive qualities.

On the other hand, the linear densification along the heavy traffic routes is a good tool to polarize and relieve the “backlands” from the pressure of densification. In spite of the linearity of densification the suggested type allows a considerable flexibility in depth, creating a variety of rhythms in program, density and type.

How to initiate, organize and maintain the open landscape is the most important question concerning the landscape strategy. Unfortunately, this question is not addressed by the architects carefully enough. Nevertheless there is enough space left for developing the design and maintenance of this landscape, using the knowledge of landscape architecture.

(Excerpt jury report)



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