runner up: "nature vs buildings"

team leader: Rossella SCARAMUZZI (IT)
collaborators: Alessia PICA (IT), Michele TISCINI (IT),
Eleonora MARCHETTI (IT), Frederica FACCHINI (IT)

The site plan of the primary occupation proposes an intertwined finger system between wooden and housing area. Contrary to K12, the project only occupies the fringe / the border between landscape and settlement area. It follows that all the built elements are exposed to two different outdoor areas: landscape and “square”. This concept of “inhabiting the border” and transforming the relation to the wood gives a lot of potential to the quality of the housing units. On the other hand, the “pixilated Mediterranean arrangement” does not offer a convincing architectural solution. The “square” between the pixels is not defined and shows an over scaled and empty grey surface. This lack of definition of the outdoor space unfortunately does not lead to convincing poetics of the void, yet it touches upon the interesting tension between monumental and informal.

(Excerpt jury report)


E9 Austria - Winners
Exhibition E9 winning projects | Opening, April 16, 2008
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